Science and Technology Platform Program for Advanced Biological Medicine


Establishment of a comprehensive support system and support team for development of technologies for advanced biological medicines

<Project Leader> Tomonobu Koizumi

Lecturer, Tohoku University School of Medicine

Tomonobu Koizumi

Twenty-seven of the most advanced projects proposed by academic researchers in Japan were selected under the “Science and Technology Platform Program for Advanced Biological Medicine“. Everyone involved in this program hopes for “social implementation of research findings” and is responsible for achieving it. This means being globally competitive to achieve the earliest possible clinical application for patients.
The support team has over 20 members who belong to the organizations for open innovation or clinical research promotion in 3 universities—Tohoku University, Keio University, and Tokyo Medical and Dental University. We all work in close communication. Most members of the team were previously senior directors/managers at pharmaceutical companies, and so they possess a great deal of experience and knowledge of nonclinical studies (e.g., pharmacology and safety), intellectual property and its application, and clinical development.
Two scientific officers and 1 intellectual property officer are allocated to each project so that requirements from each of the 27 projects are promptly shared among the team members, such as intellectual property strategies, collaboration between projects, and out-licensing to pharmaceutical companies and venture companies. The members also solidify industry-academia-government collaboration by providing hands-on support. We will establish such a comprehensive support system to help in the development of innovative biological medicines in Japan.

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